Andritz introduces performing technology solutions at MIAC

Andritz will be presenting its innovative technologies for sustainable paper production at MIAC 2022, booth #72, in Lucca, Italy, October 12-14, 2022.

The Andritz main motto for this year’s MIAC is Sustainability in Practice. Andritz will be presenting innovative technologies that enable customers to save energy, water and raw materials. The product portfolio ranges from specific solutions for the entire paper and board production process – from fiber preparation to the paper and board machine – that help to reduce production costs and increase output and product quality.

Andritz will offer a comprehensive program of keynote presentations every 20 minutes on the first two days of the trade show, showing how paper producers can save energy, water or raw materials with Andritz solutions.

To meet the requirements resulting from the constantly increasing amounts of rejects in RCF material, ANDRITZ offers the PrimeSolve LC system. The main advantages are the reduction of fiber losses and the optimized removal of rejects. In addition, significant energy savings can be achieved through a new design of the pulper and detrashing pump. It also has an influence on product quality and allows for a higher reject amount in wastepaper.

In the field of lightweight packaging paper grades, ANDRITZ offers the EDC Forming Fabrics design, a specific solution that allows utilizing a wide production window on sophisticated paper machines. Using case studies, ANDRITZ will show how the EDC Forming Fabric solutions help to improve machine efficiency maintaining stable machine operation with less water and fiber carryover.

As a result, the cleanliness of the machine improves and brake risks of paper sheets are reduced. Better dewatering efficiency at reduced vacuum levels allows a cost-efficient operation. The improved retention and paper sheet strength results in lower retention agent and chemical consumption and offers further significant advantages for efficient energy and raw material use.


Regarding savings solutions, the focus is on innovative digitization solutions via the manufacturing process. One example is Fiber GPS. It is a kind of digital twin for the refining in the stock preparation area. Goal of the digital twin or simulation based on the Metris IDEAS application is to model paper quality parameters such as burst strength and tensile strength after stock preparation with the existing refiner equipment.

The benefits for the customer are savings due to the usage of more wastepaper instead of expensive fresh fiber and an increase in production as fresh fiber is limited. Stabilization of all control loops also leads to a more stable operation of the paper machine.

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