Arctic Paper to develop high barrier biodegradable paper

Arctic Paper

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A., a subsidiary of the Arctic Paper S.A., has signed a contract with Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) for co-financing of the project “Development and implementation of technology for production of high-barrier biodegradable packaging paper” as part of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2020. The total net value of the project is over PLN 20 million, and the maximum value of the co-financing is about PLN 8.3 million.


The aim of the project is to develop and implement technology for the manufacturing of a new product: high-barrier, biodegradable, antibacterial, antifungal packaging paper.


This manufacturing innovation will introduce products into the packaging paper segment featuring high barrier properties and biodegradability while maintaining high printing quality. This is particularly important in times of pandemic.


The main customers for the results of the project will be manufacturers of packaging. The barrier papers could be used for the production of such items as:


Packaging for direct contact with foods

Bags for baked goods, sandwiches, and fast food

Packaging for the catering industry

Packaging and flyers for the pharmaceutical industry.

Michał Jarczyński, CEO of Arctic Paper S.A., commented: “The launch of another innovative project, with the financial support of NCBiR, is a major step in the direction of increased competitiveness and flexibility of production at our paper mills, but first and foremost is our company’s response to the changing needs of the market and consumers’ expectations. The development and implementation of this new manufacturing technology will allow us to expand the range of products we offer to include packaging papers that have special barrier qualities but are also biodegradable. We take care to ensure that our newly developed products not only offer the unique characteristics sought by customers but are also environment-friendly, which is consistent with the culture of sustainable growth that is an important element of the identity of the Arctic Paper Group.”


Arctic Paper Kostrzyn is the largest of the three paper mills in the Arctic Paper Group.

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