Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited Commissions New Plant at Halvad, Morbi

Astron Paper & Board Mill

Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited is currently operating at almost 90% capacity utilization of its PM-1 located at Halvad, Gujarat with installed capacity of 96,000 tonnes per annum. With the commencement of commercial production for the new line PM-2, the installed capacity has increased by 33,000 tonnes/Year.

In the last one year, the company has acquired two plants. The acquired plants include plant located at Bhuj, having capacity of 24000 tonnes/Year, which was acquired by auction from Union Bank of India in December, 2017 and commenced commercial production in February, 2018. The company also acquired Balaram Papers Pvt Ltd, located at Mehsana, having installed capacity of 21600 tonnes/year. As on date, the company is having installed capacity of 174,600 tonnes/year.

Astron reported strong sales in the first 3 months of FY19 at Rs.81 Cr, up 60% YoY. For the full year FY18, the company reported Rs.254 Cr, up 37% over FY17. EBIDTA for the first 3 months of FY19 has been Rs.11 Cr, up 61% YoY on the back of better efficiencies and higher volumes.

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