BTG Supplies its 200th Single Point Kappa Analyzer to Oji Group

The 200th BTG Single Point Kappa Analyzer (SPK) was supplied to the Oji Group, one of the leading manufacturers of paper and paperboard in the world, headquartered in Japan. Oji was among the early adopters of the SPK, and this latest order for Oji Materia in Japan is a key element in replacing an existing multi-point kappa analyzer system.

The BTG Single Point Kappa offers the unique capability to measure kappa number directly at the installation point, rather than in a lab or through a traditional centralized analyzer. This allows a higher frequency of analyses and no need to have a dedicated sample line. SPK facilitates improved process control and operational stability in the fiber line.

The first version of SPK was released in 2014, as a breakthrough innovation for Kappa control. The unit has been improved for higher Kappa applications, enhanced reliability, and its capability extended to Hexuronic acid measurement.

SPK is a key part of an integrated solution, optimizing the overall pulp quality and cost in the fiber line, including connection to advanced process controls and remote accessibility.

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