Canada launches call for proposals for establishing biomass supply chains projects

Clean fuels, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen, play an essential role in contributing to Canada’s plan to reach net zero by 2050. Recognizing the unique opportunities that clean fuels present for Canadian companies,  Indigenous businesses and communities, the Government of Canada is helping grow domestic production capacity while strengthening the economy, creating good, sustainable jobs and supporting workers in the natural resource sectors.

Recently, Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, launched a call for project proposals to support the establishment of biomass supply chains to ensure that a steady and usable supply of sustainable feedstock is available to clean fuel production facilities across the country.

As a component of the Clean Fuels Fund, this dedicated biomass call includes three project streams that are expected to enable emissions reductions while benefiting communities, leveraging private sector investments, creating jobs and providing opportunities for Indigenous-led businesses and communities.

Each stream includes separate eligibility criteria and different submission timelines, funding levels and contribution repayment requirements. Projects could receive up to 50 percent of eligible costs to a maximum of $5 million in funding.

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