Cardway Cartons Installs BOBST Folder-Gluer at Alsager Facility in the UK

Staffordshire-based designer and manufacturer of corrugated packaging, Cardway Cartons Ltd, has boosted production capacity and expanded its offering with the installation of the BOBST EXPERTFOLD 165 at its 55,000 sq ft Alsager facility.

Installed earlier this year, the EXPERTFOLD 165 offers exceptional reliability and folding precision and is ideally suited to the demands of modern high-speed, high-output packing lines.

“Being located in an area known as the Staffordshire Potteries, our core customer base has historically been chinaware and hospitality, and while that’s still a very strong relationship we have also developed a big customer base in food, medical and pharma markets as well,” explained Ben Keeler, Business Development Manager with Cardway Cartons. “We produce most types of corrugated packaging, with bulk cases very much our bread and butter.

“We have found a lot of our customers were requiring gluing and that was really the main driver for us in making this investment. We were essentially receiving too much work for the current folder-gluer to handle, and we needed a machine that could help us cope with increasing demand,” Keeler explained.

Effective at producing complicated packaging designs, Keeler said the machine has enabled Cardway to offer its customers even greater freedom for innovation and creativity.

“It gives us the capacity to increase our range offering and meet the growing demand for bigger boxes,” Keeler said. “Previously, we might have had to hand-glue boxes of this size, or even turn the job down if the volume was too big to handle, but not now. This ability, combined with the running speed and digital, automated set-up, is helping boost the speed of production and increase capacity, as well as growing our business offering.

“The automation means that once you’ve set up a box, its details are stored in the computer which helps reduce set-up and eliminate dead time,” he said. “This also helps increase accuracy, eliminating problems on the line and reducing waste, which is important to us from a sustainability standpoint.”

BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries.


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