Carton Group builds multinational group focused on sustainable packaging solutions

Carton Group, a leading supplier of packaging solutions and a portfolio company of Waterland Private Equity, has completed a successful refinancing and made three strategic acquisitions in Italy, Germany, and the UK. The company is further developing its position as a multinational player and underscoring its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design.

Carton Group started as a Waterland portfolio company in 2020. They are following the two initial acquisitions of Joh. Leupold GmbH & Co. KG in Schwabach and Strobel AG in Roth, it is now taking important steps to forge ahead with its growth strategy. A group refinancing has laid a solid financial foundation for implementing the company’s ambitious plans and further strengthening its market position. On this basis, Carton Group has made three major acquisitions since September 2023, thereby expanding its portfolio and its presence on the international market: The addition of new group members Europoligrafico in Italy, noble-pac in Düren, North Rhine Westphalia, and Wrapology in London, UK, represents a transformative milestone in the development of Carton Group.

Through the acquisition of Europoligrafico in Italy, which has already been completed, the Group has added two locations to its production network in Treviso and Perugia and broadened its expertise in the field of packaging design and manufacturing, particularly for the demanding food and consumer goods industry. Carton Group thus now also counts a strong customer base in fiber-based barrier packaging.

The takeover of noble-pac in Düren additionally allows Carton Group to strengthen its presence on the German market and expand its production capacity there. noble-pac has considerable experience in the field of sustainable premium packaging solutions for the consumer goods industry, particularly for confectionaries and household goods.

The announcement of the takeover of Wrapology also gives new impetus to Carton Group’s internationalization drive: The London-headquartered pioneer for tailored, sustainable luxury packaging has extensive brand knowledge, design skill and familiarity with materials, supported by decades of experience in complex logistics. Wrapology also benefits from long-term relationships with its production partners, allowing the company both to provide individual prototyping with demanding, lasting materials and to service orders with volumes large and small.

With these acquisitions, Carton Group is driving the development of a multinational group that offers its customers particular added value as a holistic solutions provider in the field of paper-based packaging.

The group continues to seek to promote environmentally friendly practices and to offer sustainable packaging solutions and innovative designs for its customers. After completing the three transactions, the group employs over 380 people and generates sales of around EUR 130 million.  The successful management of the units remains on board in all three transactions.

Andrea Wildies, CEO of Carton Group, says: “With our latest major new acquisitions, Carton Group has experienced not only a considerable expansion in sales revenues, production capacity and headcount, but it has also opened new opportunities for comprehensive synergies. We now bring together an impressive range of expertise in terms of customer and brand awareness, product design and supply chain under one roof. Together we are even better positioned to respond flexibly and proactively to market trends and changes, optimise our value chains and procurement processes and raise our already excellent performance in terms of innovation, quality, and sustainability to an even higher level. With this ambitious goal in mind, we constantly strive to integrate additional members into our dynamic group.”

Dr. Carsten Rahlfs, Managing Partner at Waterland, notes: “Our dynamic buy-&-build strategy with Carton Group is making great progress. While we further strengthen the multi-layered German market, we are at the same time building a far-reaching network of international packaging experts to secure new market segments. We are looking forward to taking the next steps.”

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