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Packing industry of india holds potential for high growth

India can emerge as a significant global player if the sector strengthens its capabilities in terms of technology, skills, and efficiency The impact of Covid-19 on the packaging sector has been mixed depending on the portfolios of different end-user industries. The Indian packaging sector, even in the pre-Covid era, has been witnessing considerable growth largely […]

How Much Timber Does the U.S. Harvest, and How is it Used?


When it comes to the issue of managing America’s forests, environmental and economic concerns can often seem incompatible. Those unfamiliar with forestry and silviculture practices oftentimes approach this subject believing that there is either one advantage or the other, but not both. This simply isn’t true, and any claim that America’s trees are used for […]

Domestic markets more critical for recovered paper, plastics

China’s scrap import regulations have made domestic markets for recovered paper and plastic more important in recent years, and more capacity is coming online to consume this material, according to speakers during the WasteExpo Together Online session titled, “Commodities Updates: Fiber, Plastic & COVID-19.” Recovered paper “Exports are becoming less important for U.S. recovered paper, […]

Use of Model Predictive Control to Optimize the Kraft-Bleaching Process

By Marcius H. de Oliveira, Product Manager Canada, Capstone Technology Abstract Kraft bleaching is one of the most complex processes for control and optimization within the pulp and paper industry. The intricacy of this process is accentuated by the number of competing reactions at every bleaching stage, which is complicated further by mills using wood […]

Plant relocation: how to dismantle a machine in one continent and start it up in another one

Plant relocation

There are situations in which tissue, paper, and nonwovens machinery must be relocated from one plant to another. Perhaps a machine has been sold and needs to be moved to the buyer’s location, or the plant relocates its entire facility and has to move all of its machinery. Whatever the reason, plant relocation is a […]

Adding 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming

global warming

Global temperatures could rise 1.5° C above industrial levels by as early as 2030 if current trends continue, but trees could help stem this climate crisis. A new analysis finds that adding nearly 1 billion additional hectares of forest could remove two-thirds of the roughly 300 gigatons of carbon humans have added to the atmosphere […]

Electronic communication also has environmental impacts


“Go Paperless”, “Go Green” and “Save Trees” are common messages seen these days as many organizations encourage their customers to switch to electronic transactions and communications. But are these appeals based on fact? These sort of messages give the impression that electronic communication is more environmentally friendly than traditional, paper-based communication. But it is very […]

Plastic Can Take 500 Years To Bio-Degrade In The Ocean

plastic waste

 the European Parliament overwhelmingly backed a sweeping ban on a range of single-use plastics in an effort to curb maritime pollution. The proposed directive will ban items such as plastic straws, cutlery, plates and cotton swabs by 2021 and ensure that 90 percent of plastic bottles are recycled by 2025. MEPs backed the legislation by 571 […]

The Countries Banning Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Which cities in the US are leading the way for plastic bag bans? Internationally, which countries have made the most significant push? Summary of Key Takeaways In the U.S., only 2 states (CA and HI) have banned plastic bags on a statewide level 4 U.S. states (DE, ME, RI, NY) have mandatory recycling or reuse […]

New frontiers of the 4.0 industry with OMET Intelligent Plant


OMET Intelligent Plant is a system for collecting, analyzing and displaying production data that allows companies to have all information about the machine’s activity every time and everywhere. All data are stored continuously in interconnected and secure databases that can be questioned in real time. The platform is web-based, safely reachable from any device connected […]