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Carbon-Reduction Processes That Add Value To Paper Production

Pulp and paper are huge consumers of energy. In fact, the world’s fifth- largest consumer of energy is the pulp and paper industry.   The World Resources Institute, a think-tank, put the industry’s CO2 emissions at about 500m tons worldwide in 2005. Comparatively, European companies are relatively green: the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), […]

Re S.P.A., All The Best Solution For The Machine Automation In A Unique Partner

Re SpA has been designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment, principally for the converting, paper, corrugated board, cardboard, metal wire, rubber, plastic, textile and non-woven fabrics processing sectors since 1974. The constant growth and the experience gained in more than 40 years of doing business, have allowed the company to expand internationally by […]

Demand For Paper And Paper Recycling Rate


The indelible inseparable relation between paper and human brought the higher levels of paper utilization worldwide midst the technological changes that ramp-up the production. Paper, the timeless lifeblood of the conventional products pertaining to education, packaging, communications, marketing, construction etc is expected to pull the demand far from the existing in the future according to […]