Chinese government suspends operations of some domestic paper mills due to ecology issues

High level of harmful emissions continues to be one of the major problems of the Chinese timber processing complex, despite the efforts, which have been taken by the government to solve the problem in recent years, according to recent statements of some Chinese media and local analysts in the field of paper business.


As the Chinese economy continues its active recovery from the lockdown and trade wars with the US, the volume of pulp and paper production in the country is steadily growing.


That has already led to the deterioration of the ecological situation in some provinces of the country, where the largest pulp and paper mills are located.


Due to this, the Chinese authorities have been forced to limit the work or completely suspend operations of more than 5,000 enterprises from the pulp and paper sector, along with factories, specializing in plywood production, as well as the production of particleboard, fiberboard, and furniture. The reason for such restrictions is the emissions of volatile organic compounds as a result of their manufacturing processes.


So far, no re-launched date has been announced, as it will depend on air pollution measurements, that will be conducted by Chinese environmental regulators.



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