CMPC: Forest fires in Chile without impact on supply security

CMPC underlines that pulp supplies are not disturbed by the pulp fires and that all contracts can be served without restrictions.

In its issue no. 7 of 15 February 2023 and on its website, EUWID Pulp and Paper reported on the impact of the forest fires in Chile on CMPC’s pulp production. In the article we incorrectly wrote that production had to be temporarily interrupted at all three pulp mills to protect staff and the surrounding communities.

CMPC clarifies that there have been no significant shutdowns at the company’s three pulp mills in Laja, Pacífico or Santa Fe in Chile in the last few days and weeks, and that the ouptut volume has not been notably restricted.

“All our industrial operations have continued to run smoothly during this time. Despite the fact that some of our forest assets have been affected, we do not think our ability to meet our delivery commitments will be impacted. Many of the damaged hectares contain young trees that were only planted a few years ago and therefore their loss will not affect our pulp and wood products”, the company writes.

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