France: Prices for publication and fine paper take another step in October, demand for packaging paper and board grades subdued

After prices for almost all main grades of paper and board have risen throughout the last 18 months, the market for packaging paper and board in France is now facing slower demand. Prices for publication paper and woodfree paper have reached record levels in a relatively tight market.

The market for corrugated case material in France is still shaped by relatively weak demand and high inventory levels, causing occasional price pressure despite extensive downtime measures taken by paper producers. Most prices remained unchanged in October compared with September, but the first reductions were agreed for brown kraftliner. These developments are occurring against the backdrop of another considerable drop in recovered paper prices, which remain under pressure owing to weak demand and increasing inventory levels.

Prices of publication paper rose once again despite quieter demand, as did some woodfree paper prices. In both market segments there continued to be very wide price ranges. It was still unclear whether paper producers would try to adjust prices again in the fourth quarter or as of 1 January.

This article is an excerpt from our latest report on paper and board markets in France, which will available to online subscribers of EUWID Pulp and Paper tomorrow.

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