French recovered paper prices stable despite strong demand from Germany

Recovered paper prices have been rising recently everywhere in Europe. But while they are still doing so in many countries, French prices have remained stable for now in February.

February was a quiet month for France’s recovered paper market. But industry insiders, especially those located close to the Franco-German border, were surprised and sometimes a little nervous by market developments in the neighboring country. German paper mills were on a buying spree that stretched well into France, some even describing a feverish rush on recovered paper by buyers willing to purchase at any price

Market players in France had so far not been flustered by this situation in mid-February. French recovered paper prices had been agreed early in the month. And since paper mills in France had enough recovered paper on stock, there was no reason to raise prices again, sources stated. Coming on the heels of price hikes in the past few months, prices for ordinary grades were stable in France between January and February.

That being said, a couple of buyers were a little concerned about the near future. Many EUWID sources would not be surprised if French prices for ordinary recovered paper grades edged higher once more in March.

source EUWID

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