Good business in Poland’s packaging paper and board markets at the start of Q4

Following the pandemic-related downturn in the second quarter, the Polish economy began a robust recovery in early summer.

In the packaging paper, corrugated board, and carton board markets in Poland, business is reportedly bustling again for many companies. At the beginning of the seasonally strong fourth quarter, market participants reported good business activity even though sentiment in the retail and industrial sectors and among consumers is still quite gloomy.

The pandemic situation is becoming more serious again in some parts of Poland, but paper and board industry representatives are barely worried that the second wave of infections could massively hamper the recovery in the fourth quarter.

It is a different picture in the fine and public publication paper segments, which were harder hit by the economic downturn. No one expects demand in these segments to return to the pre-crisis levels again. Massive capacity reductions in Europe and ought to help the market find a new balance between supply and demand.



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