Grass corrugated cardboard

Grass corrugated cardboard is the new sustainable trend in the packaging industry. Justifiably! As an alternative to plastic packaging and as a complement to existing corrugated cardboard products, grass corrugated cardboard is a packaging material perfectly suited to today’s still plastic-rich consumer world. Made 100 percent from grass paper, grass corrugated cardboard can be processed and printed in the same way as corrugated cardboard. Convince yourself!

Grass corrugated cardboard is currently a much discussed issue. Not only are packaging producers looking at the issue, food retailers such as Lidl, Rewe and Penny are also pioneers in this field. For instance, plastic-based fruit trays for apples have already been replaced by sustainable trays made from grass corrugated cardboard. Yet that’s not enough: Secondary placements made from grass corrugated cardboard are ideally suited for use with sustainable foodstuffs and products and also contribute to creating high-impact and holistic merchandise presentation displays.


Why grass corrugated cardboard?

Grass corrugated cardboard is made from grass pellets and waste paper. The ratio of the respective raw materials is 30:70. Where as a rule all three layers of the grass corrugated cardboard are made of grass paper.

Grass corrugated cardboard displays

Grass corrugated cardboard POS-displays


Possible use areas for grass corrugated cardboard

Grass corrugated cardboard can be found in many different industrial sectors as packaging or as a display for a wide range of products. Some examples of practical use are:

  • Suitable for products, ranges and brands with a focus on sustainability
  • Organic / fairtrade: coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, vegetables, milk and milk products
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical industry in the natural medicine and homeopathy sectors
  • Home & garden with packaging for lawn and plant seeds

Benefits of grass corrugated cardboard

  • USP and visual differentiation in the market
  • 100% sustainable
  • The raw material grass is a quick renewable raw material and is available several times over the year
  • Same processing as corrugated cardboard
  • Printing similar to corrugated cardboard
  • Many different use areas and applications in the packaging and display sector, specifically for sustainable and/or organic products.

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article source: THIMM



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