Grigeo is the first personal hygiene product manufacturer in Lithuania to receive an IFS quality certificate

Grigeo, a Grigiškės-based cleanliness, and hygienic paper company are the first household and personal care product manufacturer in Lithuania to be granted an international IFS certificate.

It certifies that hygienic paper products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and the products supplied to the market are of high quality and are so safe that can come into contact with food. CSI, an Italy-based certification company that issued the certificate, evaluated Grigeo’s safety and quality processes by almost the maximum score, 98%.

“The IFS certificate is one more proof of our responsibility to our clients and our ambition to provide the market with only highest-quality hygienic paper products. We are the first household and personal care product manufacturer in Lithuania to receive such a certificate, following further improvement of our production processes and strengthening of quality control, which has always been our focus. Owing to these efforts, our products – including toilet paper, paper towels and others – are manufactured in accordance with as high standards as those in the food industry”, says Tomas Jozonis, Managing Director of the cleanliness and hygienic paper company Grigeo.

According to Jozonis, Grigeo invested around EUR 130,000 in the improvement of internal quality processes to implement IFS standards. In the production premises of Grigeo, cleaning and disinfection requirements were strengthened and a production flow risk assessment system was implemented. Also, processes of materials, workers, products, and waste movement analysis, and risk assessment were updated and audit procedures were strengthened. Moreover, an additional process water quality control system was launched.

The quality and safety of products meeting the IFS standards are ensured in the company by compliance with, particularly strict hygiene requirements. Raw materials are delivered to production premises only through special clean areas. Food, beverages, and other foreign objects are not permitted at workplaces, while employees enter the production premises only with special clothing, and after leaving all personal belongings, such as watches, phones, jewelry, and others at the storage places. All the service providers and guests of the company can enter the premises only with special protective equipment and after they are preventively asked about any possible diseases.

Grigeo has also been granted other international certificates, including quality management ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14001, and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001. The company’s products have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan. The company also holds an FSC certificate. It certifies that the products are manufactured using wood from forests where sustainable development principles are respected. Meanwhile, the BFR certificate issued to the company confirms that the products it manufactures can come into contact with food products.

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