Koehler Paper Taking Planned Maintenance Downtime at Oberkirch Paper Mill in Germany

Koehler Paper said that it is taking advantage of the summer period to carry out necessary work on the three paper machines, power plant, and infrastructure at its paper mill in Oberkirch, Germany. In addition to maintenance tasks, the mill is also planning a number of improvements so that when the machines are started up again in mid-August it will be able to continue producing premium paper for the international market.

There are three paper machines at Oberkirch. Paper machine 5 is chiefly used to make carbonless and fine paper. Paper machine 4 specializes in the production of fine paper. Paper machine 3 is mainly used to produce edge banding board.

The paper machines and power plant at Koehler’s Oberkirch site are currently at a standstill. In the facility where specialty paper, decor paper, and carbonless paper would normally be produced around the clock, over 100 paper mill employees are currently busy with overhauling the site by dismantling, replacing, and updating all the machine components.

More than 150 employees have been brought in from external firms to bolster the Koehler team.

“It is not possible to carry out major works on these complex machines during production. As these machines normally run in continuous operation, these types of stoppages are necessary to ensure that our technology is always up to date,” said Hartmut Felsch, Mill Director at the Oberkirch mill.

Koehler said everything is currently running to schedule and the works are progressing well, which means the machines can be started up again in stages between August 11 and 18.

The overhaul works will ensure an extremely high level of availability and that Koehler paper can be produced for customers around the world with its usual high product quality, the company added.


Based in Germany, the Koehler Group is a producer of high-quality, specialty paper, including thermal paper, playing card board, drink coasters, fine paper, carbonless paper, recycled paper, decor paper, wood pulp board, sublimation paper, and specialty paper for the packaging industry. The Group has five production sites in Germany, as well as three in the USA. To learn more, visit: www.koehlerpaper.com.

SOURCE: Koehler Paper Group

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