Leading paper manufacturer PAPELERA NACIONAL S.A. profits from green energy


The anaerobic plant will convert organic contamination present in the wastewater to up to 4,200 Nm3 of biogas, which when utilized as a fuel, is an equivalent of 2,818 kg fuel oil per day.

PANASA has been producing kraft paper since 1968. Throughout the years the company has increased its production, installed new equipment and optimized fiber control and preparation processes. Fifty years later, it can produce 18 times more paper, with annual production volumes exceeding 180,000 metric tonnes.

By choosing GWE’s solution, PANASA has the opportunity to tackle two of the most significant problems faced by the pulp and paper industry – efficient wastewater treatment and fossil fuel dependency. The organic contamination present in the PANASA’s wastewater stream will be converted to biogas.

The high efficiency of the wastewater treatment system helps to reduce the environmental footprint of forward-thinking companies like PANASA.

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