MerQBiz releases BaleFacts certification reports

MerQBiz, an analytics provider for recovered paper buyers and sellers based in El Segundo, California, has released BaleFacts, a report that details critical quality criteria about bale shipments and provides quality certification for transparent transactions.

Similar to “car facts” reports used in the auto industry, BaleFacts quality certification provides detailed data about recovered paper (RCP) shipments based on a sample of inspected bales, MerQBiz says in a news release on the new report. BaleFacts documents the material inspection date, paper grade, shipment tonnage, bale identification numbers, content breakdown, a photo of each bale inspected, and average content breakdown of the overall shipment. It provides mills with assurance in the quality of the material they are receiving and serves as a historical record of the transaction.

The company adds that BaleFacts provides RCP buyers with a clear picture of the supplier performance through historical data.

“We conduct BaleVision quality inspections where our technicians measure bale quality on-site at the seller’s location, or the seller can lease our inspection device to do their own quality checks,” says John Fox, MerQBiz president, and CEO. “Our dedicated sales team can also connect sellers with buyers for their product in both domestic and international markets.”

MerQBiz says multiple recyclers are also running trials of its “Confidence in Supply” (CIS) and “Confidence in Export” (CIE) solution as well. Chris Parsons, export director at MerQBiz, says the early trials of CIS and CIE have been “well-received” so far. He says the CIE program ensures suppliers have objective quality data with a BaleFacts certification for each shipment.

“The report is shared via the cloud with the company’s representatives in Asia who can walk into a mill and confirm buyer acceptance based on the quality before the shipment ever leaves the stateside port,” Parsons says.

The CIS program is focused on helping domestic transactions, Parsons adds. The CIE and CIS programs are powered by MerQBiz’s BaleVision inspection and analytics platform as well as the BaleFacts reports. MerQBiz says the services are available globally for all buyers and sellers of RCP.

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