Mixed paper prices in Italy adjusted upwards

Mixed paper


The recovered paper market in Italy was quite balanced in November on the whole. However, mixed paper has become a little scarce, resulting in some prices increases for the grade.

Even though a number of factors would suggest that there would be downward pressure on prices for ordinary recovered paper grades, the price of mixed paper – but not for other grades – edged higher in Italy in November. Market sources explained that the increase was prompted by a certain shortage of this grade on the Italian market, which some suppliers were unable to explain. Up until recently, mixed paper – at least lower-quality material – had been abundant.

One paper manufacturer noted that a part of the material available was unusable because of its poor quality, while good material was in short supply. Some experts furthermore noted that quite a bit of mixed paper had been exported to Germany as softmix where it was reportedly being used to produce sorted graphic paper for deinking (1.11).

Prices for supermarket paper and board (1.04) and OCC (1.05) were unaffected by these developments and were stable in November.

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