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NETZSCH Pumps & Systems
Mr. Roger Willis
Business Field Manager Chemical, Pulp & Paper

” The main products we supply into the Pulp and Paper Industry are our ranges of NEMO® Progressing Cavity pumps and our Tornado® Range of Rotary Lobe pumps. The core competence in manufacturing these pumps is the optimal interaction between the elastomeric and the metallic components. “

1. We have heard a lot about the German Technology, how competent the products are, Can you describe more about the NETZSCH foundations from being a truly world-class company?

The NETZSCH Company was founded as far back as 1873 by 2 brothers, Thomas and Christian Netzsch with its roots being in the pottery industry. The Pumps and Systems division was founded in 1952 and since then has grown to an organisation with 5 manufacturing sites across the world in North America, Brazil, Germany, China and India. Additionally there are two assembly plants, one in Suzhou in China and one in Singapore as well as a network of 30 NETZSCH subsidiary companies and sales offices. Backing up the direct NETZSCH Sales organisation are the distributors with over 200 around the world. Some of whom have been NETZSCH partners for over 40 years.

2. NETZSCH has been manufacturing various types of positive displacement pumps for Pulp & Paper Industry, Brief out key technological aspects involved in it?

The main products we supply into the Pulp and Paper Industry are our ranges of NEMO® Progressing Cavity pumps and our Tornado® Range of Rotary Lobe pumps. The core competence in manufacturing these pumps is the optimal interaction between the elastomeric and the metallic components. In the case of the progressing cavity pumps, the rotor and the stator and in the case of the rotary lobe pumps the lobes and the pump housing.

In addition to the elastomer/metal pump ranges we also supply all metal rotary lobe pumps into the paper industry for hot starch application for example. In the all metal pumps the synchronization of the lobes and operating tolerances are the key factors to performance.

3. How robust are the pumps offered to the market? Discuss some of the key benefits.

In comparison to some of the applications for which our pumps are used, the conditions in the average paper mill are not particularly demanding. Probably the worst environments in which our pumps can be found are in open cast and underground mining and quarrying. We supply skid mounted mobile pumps for nuisance water removal for example. The mine and quarry operators aren’t always the most gentle or careful and our pumps withstand everything that is thrown at them.

The pumps we sell into the paper and pulp industry are the same construction. They are not de-rated or downgraded at all, so our customers in pulp and paper can be sure the pumps are very robust.

4. What are the materials used in the pump manufacturing process?

As alluded to earlier, the main materials used on our pumps are metallic and elastomeric. We manufacture the pumps from a wide range of metals from cast iron up to the more exotic alloys such as hastelloy and titanium. Our basic range of elastomers consists of 6 compounds that we use according to the demands of the application. With the exception of such items as the electric motors, drives and mechanical seals NETZSCH manufactures all of the pump components to ensure the quality and security of supply.

5. How does NETZSCH care for environment?

The NETZSCH environmental protection systems and procedures are certified in to DIN ISO 14001:2004. This is an area to which we have paid special attention in recent years as sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing will become ever more important in the years to come.

6. What are some of the upcoming product launches from the company?

Shortly we will be launching our FSIP® Range of NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps. FSIP stands for “Full Service in Place”. This means that the pump can be completely dismantled and rebuilt, including replacement of the mechanical seal, without having to remove the connecting pipework from the pump. This follows on from our introduction a few years ago of the FSIP® Tornado® Rotary Lobe pump which also allows complete repair in place without having to disturb the pipework.

7. Describe some of the visionary prospects of the company? What are your plans for global expansion?

As we have already discussed, NETZSCH has a very extensive world-wide network of manufacturing plants and sales companies so therefore any further expansion will be very targeted on specific strategically import countries.

8. Which region you bet has tremendous opportunities for the growth of positive displacement pumps?

Having had manufacturing facilities in Brazil for over 40 years and in China for over 20 years one can see that NETZSCH is a company that looks to the long term for growth opportunities.

Although NETZSCH already has subsidiary companies in South Africa and Dubai one area we might consider for further expansion is the African Continent in General.

9. Pulp & Paper industry has evolved itself of being the vital resource for everyday needs. Can you brief out the need for positive displacement pumps in the Pulp & Paper Industry?

Production of paper and board in a modern mill is not possible without positive displacement pumps. Coating kitchens can use anything up to 90 or so progressing cavity pumps, however even without coating kitchens, positive displacement pumps will be found for such applications as chemical dosing, starch transfer and so on throughout a mill. You are absolutely right when you say paper is a vital resource for everyday life and we are pleased to play our part in the industry.

10. Lastly, can you describe the association with Pulp & Paper Technology and the journey of the company brand being shaped?

Being associated with such a respected publication as Pulp and Paper Technology is really important for NETZSCH as this provides a platform on which we can present the company, its products and its values.

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