No change in Q4 decor paper prices

paper prices

Decor paper manufacturers see no scope for price cuts despite weaker workloads and stable pulp prices.

Sluggish demand, stable pulp prices and falling titanium dioxide prices did not have an impact on decor paper prices in Europe. A few decor paper buyers had sought a markdown for fourth quarter deliveries in order to adapt the decor paper prices to changing market conditions, but had little success with just a few exceptions. Decor paper prices stayed largely untouched between the third and the fourth quarter.

The European decor paper industry continues to operate at what it considers largely unsatisfactory workloads. Demand for decor paper staged only a slight recovery in October, according to information from the market. Order intake continues to be described as rather subdued, with a major recovery not expected between now and the year’s end.

Order backlogs, colour cycles and lead times remain relatively short so manufacturers are able to provide extra amounts at short notice, according to customers.

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