Nordic Paper to sell minority shareholding in Åmotfors Energi AB

Nordic Paper has entered into a binding agreement to sell its 37.6% minority shareholding in Åmotfors Energi AB to the utility infrastructure company Nevel AB. Nevel AB has also agreed to acquire all shares from other owners which means that Åmotfors Energi AB will become fully owned by Nevel AB. In conjunction with the transaction, Nordic Paper and Åmotfors Energi AB have entered into a new long-term supply agreement for steam, hot water, and part of the electricity that is required for the production of kraft paper at the Nordic Paper production plant in Åmotfors.

At the paper mill in Åmotfors, Sweden, Nordic Paper manufactures highly specialized kraft papers that are used in a number of different areas, primarily within industrial applications with high demands on paper performance. In a plant adjacent to the paper mill, Åmotfors Energi AB operates an incinerator delivering steam, hot water and electricity to the paper mill and to other external customers. Nordic Paper has been a minority shareholder of Åmotfors Energi AB since the company was formed in 2008.

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