Norske Skog joins UN Global Compact

To strengthen Norske Skog’s commitment to green growth and sustainable business practices, the company has joined the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

As a major industrial group, Norske Skog is heavily invested in the process to control climate change. Together with other international companies, Norske Skog has made a commitment to ensuring that industry contributes to the process of establishing a global, long-term, market-based emissions reduction framework in place.

To build on this commitment, Norske Skog has joined UN Global Compact to support its mission of mobilizing a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create a better world.

“At Norske Skog, we create green value through innovation and leadership. To make truly meaningful impact, we need to work together with stakeholders to improve sustainability across our entire value chain. Working in partnerships with others leads to greater impact, which is why we are very excited to join the world’s largest knowledge network on corporate sustainability and continue to make progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” says Mari Mogen, Head of Sustainability at Norske Skog.

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