Paper industry workers stage strikes in the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa


Paper industry workers in the Spanish Gipuzkoa province have staged two days of strike in the escalation of the ongoing pay and working conditions dispute with the employer association Agedi. According to a joint press release by the trade unions ELA, LAB, and CCOO, approximately 90% of the unionized paper industry workers have participated in the strikes on 19 and 20 of June.

The trade unions ELA, LAB, and CCOO plan to continue with the protests. They have agreed on a total of 16 days of strike in the period between mid-June and mid-October. The next strikes are scheduled for 26 and 27 of June.

The Gipuzkoa province in northern Spain is home to some of the country’s major pulp and paper producers, including Iberpapel’s Zicunaga woodfree uncoated paper mill, newsprint manufacturer Papresa, woodfree offset paper producer Papelera del Oria, Cominter’s Hernani tissue paper, Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Tolosa speciality paper mill, and Papel Aralar’s nonwovens, label and speciality paper in Amezqueta.

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