ProJet successfully starts up Dryer Fabric Cleaners


ProJet, Meerssen, Netherlands have succesfully started up Power Cleaners at StoraEnso, Ostraleka, Poland and Rayonier, Temiscaming, Canada. A Power Cleaner is a continuous cleaning device for Dryer Fabrics.

StoraEnso produces Corrugated Medium and Kraftliner, using 100% OCC. OCC is known for its extreme contamination on the 1st and 2nd Dryer Sections. A ototal of 4 Cleaners were installed in these sections on Top and Bottom Dryer Fabrics. The Power Cleaner provides the highest cleaning efficiency available, perfectly fit for this application.

The Power Cleaner uses a single traversing head that cover the fabrics using up to 14 ruby nozzles at a pressure of maximum 500 bar (7,500psi). Air knives and a Venturi-vacuum-system make sure all water and debris is effectively discharged into a save-all and from there, outside the machine.

Rayonier produces Coated Board. The Power Cleaners were successfully installed on the Top and Bottom Fabrics after the Coater. The Power Cleaner has the unique feature of a batch cleaning mode built into the same cleaning head as the continuous cleaning mode. The continuous cleaning mode will keep Rayonier’s after dryer fabrics clean during normal production. During normal production, minimal water is used to clean, in order not to cause any negative influence to paper quality. After a sheet break however, when there is no paper on the machine ad there is a possibility to clean with more water, additional nozzles are being switched on to provide a “shock” wash. In this batch “shock’ mode, the permeability of the painted dryer fabrics can be restored in minimal time, as short as 5 minutes.

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