ProJet successfully starts up HP shower at Aktül Kagit, Turkey

ProJet has completed the successful start-up of its 500th Pro Cleaner Felt Cleaning system, this time at Aktül Kagit’s, Tissue machine, TM1 in Turkey.

The Pro Cleaner Type F (Forming Fabrics) and Type P (Press Felts) use a traversing cleaning head that contains 21 nozzles. With a cleaning pressure of max. 200bar (3,000psi) and a cleaning width of 200mm (8”) almost three times the cleaning area is covered in the same amount of time as conventional oscillating showers.

ProJet’s ProCleaner installed on the Felt of TM1.

Furthermore, the Pro Cleaner delivers the following operational and performance benefits:

-Substantial cleaning water savings (= operational cost reduction + improved profitability): the Pro Cleaner provides superior cleaning performance, while only consuming 1.3gpm (5.0 liter/min) of water. A conventional oscillating shower consumes over 100gpm of water, leading to substantial more electrical power and waste water treatment costs.

-Water mist elimination is achieved by the application of air knives that contain water mist and contamination, which is discharged through Venturi tubes and finally into a save all pan.

-Targeted cleaning enables an operator to control the Cleaner for not only overall CD fabric/felt cleaning but to also apply targeted zone/strip or edge cleaning.

Case study: ROI calculation:

The following audit of client savings resulted after the installation of 2 ProCleaners on the Forming Fabrics of a tissue machine producing 55tpd (19,800tpy), with a Tissue Sales Price of $490/ton @ 15% profit margin. The value of the results documented below were achieved after a 0.7% Productivity Increase was confirmed by an improved Sheet Dryness Profile, Electrical Power Savings, Reduced Steam usage, reduced Water Consumption, 2 fewer Forming Fabrics installed per year, reduced sheet breaks and reduction of reject paper:

The annual value of all documented operational savings are as follows:

  • 0.7% Productivity Increase = 140tpy = $ 10,187/year
  • Reduction of Electrical Power Consumption = 31kWh less = $ 37,500/year
  • Reduction of Steam Consumption = 0.7% reduction @ $ 12/ton steam = $ 1,680/year
  • Reduction of Water Consumption @ $1.80/250gal. = $ 257,541/year
  • Reduction in the number of Forming Fabrics installed = 2 @ $15,000 = $ 30,000/year
  • Reduction of sheet breaks due to improved cleanliness = 20 hrs/year = $ 3,369/year
  • Reduction of reject paper = 0.7% reduction = $ 10,187/year
  • Total savings: $ 350,464/year
  • Total investment: $ 160,000
  • Return on Investment: 5.5 months

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