PT. Sun Paper Source awards ProJet order for high pressure cleaners

ProJet received an order for the supply of 2 new high pressure showers for the Forming Fabric and the Felt Section from PT. Sun Paper Source. SPS Tissue is located in Mojokerto, Indonesia and TM12 is producing towel and tissue grades, made from recycled fiber. This leads to contamination on the Forming Fabrics and Press Felts, which require special attention for High Pressure cleaning during production.

The order was received in Augustt 2023. The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in Q2, 2023 and installation & start-up later in July 2023. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The ProJet Cleaners will be installed on the Forming Fabric and on the Felt on SPS’ Tissue machine 12. The main 2 reasons for this investment are the superior cleaning efficiency of ProJet Cleaners and enormous savings in water consumption of up to 95%.

The ProCleaner Type F (Forming Fabrics) use a single traversing head that cover the fabrics almost three times as fast as the existing conventional oscillating showers. Furthermore, SPS expects to achieve substantial water savings because the ProJet Cleaner uses only 5.0 ltr/min of water; a conventional shower consumes over 160 l/min.

Furthermore, the Pro Cleaner Type F, delivers the following operational and performance benefits:

  • Substantial cleaning water savings (= operational cost reduction + improved profitability): the Pro Cleaner provides superior cleaning performance, while only consuming 1.3gpm (5.0 liter/min) of water. A conventional oscillating shower consumes over 100gpm of water, leading to substantial more electrical power and waste water treatment costs.
  • Water mist elimination is achieved by the application of air knives that contain water mist and contamination, which is discharged through Venturi tubes and finally into a save all pan.
  • Targeted cleaning enables an operator to control the Cleaner for not only overall CD fabric/felt cleaning but to also apply targeted zone/strip or edge cleaning.


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