Pulp and paper production in Russia continues its growth this year despite pandemic

Pulp production in Russia for 11 months of 2020 grew by 6.7%, compared to the same period of last year, while the growth is currently ongoing, according to recent data, provided by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).


According to Rosstat’s data, the volume of industrial production of wood pulp as well as the pulp, made from other fibrous materials in the country for the reporting period reached 8 million tonnes.


The growth was achieved despite the pandemic and associated with these negative consequences for Russian economics, while analysts expect it will continue in the first half of 2021.


In regard to paper and cardboard production, during the period of January-November, it increased by 4.5% to 8.7 million tons, while in the case of boxes, made of corrugated paper or cardboard the growth was equivalent to +3.2% to 5.6 billion square meters.


Analysts expects amid the ongoing growth of the demand for pulp and paper in Russia, the growth rates of the Russian market next year will be significantly higher than those, achieved in 2020.

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