PulPac Announces US-based SustainaPac has Joined Its Licensee Network

PulPac announced that USA-based manufacturing venture SustainaPac LLC has joined its licensee network and will use Pulpac’s “Dry Molded Fiber” technology to produce single-use food service packaging products for the North American QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) market.

PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber process enables the replacement of multiple single-use plastic products with sustainable fiber-based alternatives at commercial scale.

According to PulPac, SustainaPac intends to build a series of Dry Molded Fiber production facilities across the U.S. making fiber drink cup lids, hinged containers, bowls, trays, and related products beginning with a dedicated high-volume fiber hot and cold drink cup lid plant in Jacksonville, Florida.

“North American QSR’s are clamoring for economical, domestically produced, compostable fiber products to replace their single-use plastic packaging where appropriate, and SustainaPac with PulPac fiber forming technology will be out front meeting that demand,” said Les Schaevitz, CEO of SustainaPac.

About SustainaPac

SustainaPac LLC is a US-based manufacturing venture dedicated to satisfying the growing demand by the North America QSR and food service industry for economical, domestically produced, natural fiber-based food service packaging products.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, PulPac provides the packaging industry with groundbreaking manufacturing technology for the making of economical, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products.


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