Re S.P.A., All The Best Solution For The Machine Automation In A Unique Partner

Re SpA has been designing and manufacturing laminate machining process automation equipment, principally for the converting, paper, corrugated board, cardboard, metal wire, rubber, plastic, textile and non-woven fabrics processing sectors since 1974.

The constant growth and the experience gained in more than 40 years of doing business, have allowed the company to expand internationally by guaranteeing a highly qualified sales and customer care service all over the world. Today the company boasts a solid and well-structured network that links the headquarters in Bussero (Milan) and the subsidiaries, Re China, Re Latina (Brazil) and Re India.

Important investments in R&D, together with the experience and the competence of its technicians, have enabled Re Controlli Industriali to complete the range of products to meet the requests made by an increasingly demanding and costs conscious market. Our equipment are used in a wide range of applications, wherever there is a reel to be unwound and rewound or a laminate to be processed in order to improve the quality of the products and increase productivity.

We are the world leader in the production of pneumatic brakes and tension controllers to maintain the right tension during the entire process; to complete our family products, a wide range of load cells, electromagnetic powder brakes, web guiding systems to align the web, web viewing systems to control printing, expanding shafts and mechanical chucks to handle the web and rotary joints to transfer fluids.

Brakes and clutches:

Is our core business today; We thank our technicians who have gained experience  over the years. At present, we can provide a very high quality product that has allowed us to make thousands of applications on the machines for the most important machine manufacturers in the world. We can offer pneumatic brakes, electromagnetic powder brakes and caliper brakes.

Tension controllers and load cells:

Web tension aims to play an important role in the sectors of converting. Along with brakes, our tension controllers and load cells are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy since 40 years. We guarantee an extreme precision in the measurement and control of the tension of a moving web in order to obtain a constant product quality and to maximize productivity.

Web guiding systems:

During web processing at times it happens, that the material moves from the right stroke, causing a misaligned printing and an incorrect rewinding.

To avoid these problems and maximize productivity, reducing wastes and machine interruptions, it is necessary to install a webguide system to guarantee a correct web alignment also at high speed. Re webguiding systems are designed to solve the problems of edge, centre and line guides for all kinds of material. Thanks to highly innovative technical solutions we have created a range of products that offer our customers numerous advantages.

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