Recycled paper bottles expected to hit supermarket shelves

Recycled paper bottles

The outer case is made from 100% recycled sustainably sourced paper pulp, while the waterproof inner lining is made from fully biodegradable and sustainable materials – the exact details of the composition is a closely guarded secret whilst patents are still pending. The company claims the inner lining is actually beneficial to the environment, neutralising soil acidity and providing nutrients to aquatic environments.

All elements of the bottle will fully biodegrade within ‘a few months’, whether they end up in the ocean or landfill. They don’t leave behind toxic micro-particles, or leach heavy metals into the environment.

The steel cap on the bottle will also rust and fully decompose within a year whereas, plastic usually takes hundreds of years to break down.



Longcroft, who lives in Scotland, is finalising patents and started crowdfunding in order for the bottles to be mass produced and stocked in supermarket shelves. He has raised just over £35,000 and expects the water bottle to be launched in September 2018.

According to The Times, he hopes the bottles will be sold for about 85p and 90p so that they become a worthwhile alternative to plastic.And it doesn’t stop there. Not only is the bottle completely biodegradable and sustainable, the brand also donates 100% of its profits to go to Water for Africa, helping provide clean water to thousands.

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