Russia’s Segezha Group launches large-scale production of micro-creped paper

PJSC Segezha Group, a subsidiary of AFK Sistema, has officially begun industrial production of white micro-creped and white micro-creped highly porous paper at the capacities of its Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill (PPM) in Karelia, according to the company and the authorities of Karelia Republic.

Vice president for commercial activities of Segezha Group Alexander Kharitonov, comments

“Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, we continued to work on expanding the product line, launching a product, which is unique for Russia. Today we are the only ones who produce white micro-creped paper in Russia».

The new products are supplied both to the company’s own converting facilities for the production of paper packaging and to customers in Russia and abroad.

Segezha Group is one of the largest Russian timber industry holdings with a full cycle of logging and deep wood processing. The holding includes Russian and European enterprises of the forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industries. The geography of the group’s offices covers 12 countries, including Russia. Products are sold in over 100 countries. The company ranks first in Russia in the production of paper for multilayer bags, the production of industrial paper bags and lumber.

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