Schumacher Packaging introduces paper-based top-seal tray

The Schumacher Packaging Group is launching Stackpack, a new type of top-seal tray for food. Stackpack is made of 100% solid board, is recyclable, and can completely replace conventional plastic trays.

The new octagonal Top-Seal tray Stackpack is particularly suitable for packaging dry, moist and fatty products thanks to its optionally addable bio-based barrier protection. Depending on the contents, specially coated, plastic-free board qualities can be selected for the tray, for example for moisture-intensive products. The coatings are suitable for direct food contact and can be easily recycled with the tray.

With the new Stackpack Top-Seal tray, Schumacher Packaging is expanding its portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry: with HALOPACK, the packaging specialist already produces a MAP protective gas packaging that gives perishable foods such as meat or ready meals a longer shelf life.

Since January, Schumacher Packaging has been the exclusive licensee of Stackpack for the DACH region as well as for the Polish market. The trays will be available during the Q4 2023.

The Schumacher Packaging Group is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of customized packaging made of corrugated and solid board.

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