Segezha Group increases percentage of certified leased forest lands

Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) consistently increases the percentage of forest lands certified under the FSC system (FSC-С133272). JSC Sokol PPM in the Vologda region, Russia, has passed a respective supply chain audit this summer. JSC Segezha PPM and JSC Muezersky Timber Company in the Republic of Karelia, Russia,  have passed forest management audits. The audit report on Segezha PPM has been approved. Audit findings, for the most part, have been deemed positive.


The first FSC-certification is expected to take place this year at Voloma Timber Company LLC and Ledmozerskiy logging company LLC in Karelia. Both timber companies joined the Segezha Group relatively recently. The company is committed to adding 544 thousand hectares operated by these branches to the certification scope.


416 thousand hectares of leased forest lands handed over to the high-priority investment project of Xylotech Siberia LLC are expected to be added to the scope of certification in the Krasnoyarsk region, Russia. The total area of certified forests of the pellet plant after the FSC-audit will amount to 638 thousand hectares.

Source: Lesprom Network

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