Smart Roll reduces downtime

Smart Roll

Paper machine downtime increases costs when the factory or production facility is not in operation. However, unnecessary downtime can be avoided. A new Finnish innovation, remotely read smart spreader roll creates savings. It facilitates fully proactive maintenance by measuring and controlling moisture, tracking the temperature and lubrication quality and condition.


– Smart Roll proactively identifies and recognizes circumstances that could cause problems. The system monitors the roll’s speed which significantly increases its lifespan, says Jouni Lehtonen, Director at Finbow that launched the Smart Roll.


In addition to the longer lifespan and proactive maintenance, the Smart Roll gathers information for the process development, reads remotely as well as controls the roll’s direction safely. The Smart Roll’s features also include a warning system for critical speed rate and vibration measuring. Monitoring and alarms work through a cloud based system.


As much as 90% of the spreader roll’s bearing problems are caused by water that has seeped inside it. Water can usually find its way inside from the ends of the roll due to inadequate lubrication or the use of a high-pressure washer.


– Water diminishes bearing grease lubrication properties that can cause problems for the bearings. “SmartBow” Smart Roll eradicates these problems by tracking the internal moisture level, automating roll head lubrication and by monitoring the temperature inside the roll, says Lehtonen.



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