Successful startup of the 19th NipcoFlex press rebuild in China


The startup of the Jianhui PM 3 on January 3, 2019, marked the 19th successful NipcoFlex press rebuild by Voith in China in the past two years. Consistent with past performance, the new press is showing excellent results from the beginning.

All NipcoFlex rebuilds have improved customer performance substantially. Voith’s 20th NipcoFlex rebuild in China is already in execution, and the customer is looking forward to the benefits.

Earlier in December 2018, a successful startup of NipcoFlex for Jinzhou Paper was reported. The Jinzhou Paper PM 3 NipcoFlex and headbox rebuild project achieved an increase in machine productivity by more than 10%. Thanks to close cooperation between Voith, Huazhang Technology and Jinzhou Paper, all installation and commissioning work was completed within 30 days and paper on reel was achieved within six hours.

The NipcoFlex press success story is far-reaching, and NipcoFlex presses have consistently exceeded customer expectations. With the NipcoFlex press, Voith helps papermakers significantly reduce web breaks, enhance machine efficiency, improve paper dryness and lower steam consumption by around 10%. Long-term partnerships have been built on the execution of NipcoFlex rebuilds. Among others, Wanlida and Lee & Man have repeatedly ordered NipcoFlex rebuilds due to excellent results.

Voith NipcoFlex press technology is a well-recognized, leading press concept in the paper market. It delivers high reliability and performance paired with short shutdown times and smooth startups. These advantages – as well as a significant efficiency increase through higher paper quality, lower energy consumption, increased machine capacity and low maintenance costs – are the benefits that papermakers are seeking and are the reasons why they continue to buy from Voith.

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