Suzano to Reduce Production of Market Pulp in 2023 by Four Percent

Suzano on June 2 said it expects to reduce its production volume of market pulp by approximately 4% throughout the year when compared to its nominal production capacity and historical volumes.

Suzano said its decision is based on the fact that this volume production would not bring adequate returns for the company during a more complex pulp market period.

Suzano’s installed production capacity of market pulp is around 10.9 million tons per year.

According to documentation from Suzano’s 2022 earnings presentation, the company produced about 10.6 million tons of market pulp in 2022.

A four percent reduction would be in the range of about 424,000 tons.

Suzano is the world’s largest producer of hardwood pulp and the global leader in the innovation and production of renewable, bio-based materials for consumer and industrial use.


SOURCE: Suzano

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