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New large-scale pulp and paper cluster to be established in Russia’s Vologda region

A new pulp and paper cluster will soon be established within the territory of the Russian Vologda region, according to recent statements, made by representatives of regional authorities and local media reports. It is planned, in the heart of the new cluster will be two projects, implemented by Segezha Group, one of Russia’s largest pulp […]

Russia’s Segezha Group launches large-scale production of micro-creped paper

PJSC Segezha Group, a subsidiary of AFK Sistema, has officially begun industrial production of white micro-creped and white micro-creped highly porous paper at the capacities of its Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill (PPM) in Karelia, according to the company and the authorities of Karelia Republic. Vice president for commercial activities of Segezha Group Alexander Kharitonov, […]

Russia’s Segezha Group may raise as a result of IPO

Segezha Group, one of Russia’s largest timber holdings, may conduct an IPO already in the short-term. As a result of IPO, the main owner of Segezha Group, the Russian financial conglomerate AFK Sistema, plans to raise up to US$500 million, that will be used for the further development of the company, particularly some of large-scale […]

Russia’s leading timber holding Segezha Group may invest $500 million in its further development in years to come

Segezha Group, one of Russia’s leading timber producers, which is owned by a local financial conglomerate AFK Sistema, may invest up to US$400-500 million in its further development during the next several years, which will take place through the raise of funds from IPO and that will be conducted on the Moscow Stock Exchange this […]