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Typical Paper densities

Paper density is a paper product’s mass per unit volume. The density can be calculated by dividing the grammage of paper by its caliper. The “ISO 534:2011, Paper and board — Determination of thickness, density and specific volume” indicates that the paper density is expressed in grams per cubic centimeter.  

Kemira invests in a new production line of ASA sizing agents in Asia-Pacific

Kemira, a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water intensive industries, announces a significant investment in the production of alkenyl succinic anhydride sizing agent (ASA) in China. ASA is one of the most effective and cost-efficient sizing agents for improving water-resistance in paper and packaging board.   This investment into an additional, third production […]

Brazilian paper, pulp producer boosts quarterly revenues

Latin America’s largest paper and pulp producer Suzano has reported operating cash generation of R$4.9 billion (US$940 million) for the second quarter of 2021. This represents an increase of 47% compared with the same period last year, and the best quarterly result since Suzano’s inception, the Brazilian company said in a statement.   The world’s […]

Sappi and ISBC bring together digital and paper sectors

Printed electronics are decidedly on the move. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is no longer a niche technology. It is already being used to great effect in many areas of everyday life: in our passports, ID cards and travel cards, clothes, library books, and much more. The vast scale and intricacy of the RFID market also offers […]

Resolute might permanently idle newsprint production at Baie-Comeau and Amos mills

Two of Resolute Forest Products’ newsprint mills in Canada have been down for almost one year now. The company is currently reviewing options for the sites. It is considered unlikely that newsprint production will restart. It is almost a year since Canadian forestry company Resolute Forest Products suspended its Baie-Comeau and Amos newsprint mills. Production […]

Toscotec’s rebuild achieves production increase at Skjern Paper, Denmark

Skjern Paper is Denmark’s only paper mill. Founded in 1965, it is situated in Skjern, West Jutland. Since 2005, the ownership majority has been held by Buur Invest A/S, a Danish privately-owned investment company. The mill’s current annual capacity is 75,000 tonnes, including a range of products – coreboard, grey and blueliner, greyboard and sheets – […]

How Much Timber Does the U.S. Harvest, and How is it Used?

When it comes to the issue of managing America’s forests, environmental and economic concerns can often seem incompatible. Those unfamiliar with forestry and silviculture practices oftentimes approach this subject believing that there is either one advantage or the other, but not both. This simply isn’t true, and any claim that America’s trees are used for […]

The recycling roller coaster

recycling truck

Municipal recycling has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride in recent years with changing material streams, changing commodity values, and changing end markets. During the WasteExpo Together Online Conference Sept. 14, several recycling industry stakeholders discussed some of the challenges and opportunities the industry has been experiencing in 2020 during a session titled […]

Use of Model Predictive Control to Optimize the Kraft-Bleaching Process

By Marcius H. de Oliveira, Product Manager Canada, Capstone Technology Abstract Kraft bleaching is one of the most complex processes for control and optimization within the pulp and paper industry. The intricacy of this process is accentuated by the number of competing reactions at every bleaching stage, which is complicated further by mills using wood […]

Study finds: Paper sacks are better for the climate

Paper sacks

This is the outcome of a comparative study by the Swedish research institute RISE on behalf of the European Paper Sack Research Group (ESG), a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC. It also concludes that the paper cement sack is more climate-friendly and energy efficient. The study by RISE compared the life cycle inventories (LCI) […]