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Types of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated board is widely used in the packing industry. The main advantages are lightness, recyclability, and low cost. This makes the material the best choice to produce containers devoted to the shipping of goods. Furthermore, examples of structure design based on corrugated boards can be found in different fields. Structural analysis of paperboard components is […]

Specialty Pulp & Paper Chemicals market valuation $3.2 billion by 2026

Pulp & Paper Chemicals market

According to the research study by Acumen Research and Consulting, the global specialty pulp & paper chemicals is market size is anticipated to around USD 27.0 billion by 2026, this market is anticipated to grow with 3.1% CAGR during the forecast time period. The increasing prominence of functional chemicals that deliver excellent optical properties and […]

Adhesives and Chemicals – Key Ingriedients in Paper Industry

Adhesives and Chemicals

Paper industry is one of the largest users of Adhesives and chemicals. Overall world production of paper and paperboard is more than 100 million tons. The generic term “paper” includes a very wide range of products with very different coatings. Many of these products are produced with the help of adhesives and chemicals. Different products […]

The Navigator Company to increase tissue prices in Europe by 8 to 12%

the navigator company

The Navigator Company will be increasing the prices of its Tissue Papers by 8 to 12%, in all products and markets following two previous price increases in January and July this year. This increase will be effective from 1st of November deliveries. This decision was taken due to the continuous increase in key raw materials […]

Nalco Water announces price increase on paper solutions in Europe

Nalco Water

Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, is applying priceincreases on solutions provided by its Paper division in Europe. The increases,driven by substantial inflationary factors, including rising raw material andtransportation costs, are effective December 1, 2018: – Coagulants 10-15%; – Flocculants 10-20%; – Defoamers 5-15%; – Biocides 5-15%; – Alkaline cleaners 10-20%. These price adjustments will enable […]

Chemical free waterproof paper using natural enzymes

waterproof paper

A young researcher from Lleida has managed to patent a very new aqueous compound that functionalises and changes the entire set of properties of the paper as well as any other cellulosic material too. This compound uses natural enzymes that replace the conventional chemical reagents and is also biodegradable not harming the environment at all. […]

Kemira increases prices of coagulant products in EMEA


Kemira, a global chemicals company, announces price increases for all coagulant products in the EMEA region across all segments. The price increases will become effective as of November 1st, 2018 or as contract terms allow. Price increases are necessary due to significant cost increases from several sides: All freight rates have considerably increased in 2018 […]

Sappi Europe to increase prices for Woodfree paper grades


Due to continued cost increases and strong demand, Sappi is forced to pass on this cost inflation by increasing its CWF and UWF prices in sheets and reels by 6-8% effective on deliveries from July 1st 2018 for all European and Overseas markets. This follows previous announcements made for its LWC and MWC grades.

Kemira to increase prices for all polymer products in pulp and paper segment from Oct 15


Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries, announces price increases for all polymer products globally in the Pulp & Paper segment. The price increases will vary based on different product types and may be significantly higher in specific countries. New prices will be effective for all deliveries from October 15th, 2018 or […]

Toscotec partners with Chemitex-Egypt to increase sales in Egypt

increase sales

Toscotec signed an agency agreement for both its Tissue and Paper & Board divisions with Chemitex Egypt for Trading & Agencies, S.A.E. to increase its sales in the Egyptian market, where it recently landed a number of P&B rebuilding orders. Toscotec entrusted Sameh Habib, founder and owner of Chemitex-Egypt, with the agency. Habib has fifteen […]