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Packing industry of india holds potential for high growth

India can emerge as a significant global player if the sector strengthens its capabilities in terms of technology, skills, and efficiency The impact of Covid-19 on the packaging sector has been mixed depending on the portfolios of different end-user industries. The Indian packaging sector, even in the pre-Covid era, has been witnessing considerable growth largely […]

South African Paper Recycling Industry Sees Upswing in Demand for Paper Fibre

South Africa’s paper recovery rate is 68.5% with 1.2 million tonnes of recyclable paper products diverted from landfills during 2019, according to Anele Sololo, general manager of RecyclePaperZA, the paper recycling Association of South Africa. “Although the paper recovery rate was slightly down in 2018, the same tonnage was diverted from landfill at 1.2 million […]

Oji Holdings to Invest USD 38 Million for New Corrugated Container Plant in Johor, Malaysia

The Japan-based Oji Holdings Corporation has announced that it will set up a new corrugated container plant in Johor, Malaysia. The company will put an investment of USD 38 million (JPY 4 billion) for the new plant. The plant will have an estimated production capacity of 7 million m2/month and the planned area size for […]

Green Bay Packaging to Build New Corrugator Plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Green Bay Packaging Inc. (GBP) announced that it will begin construction of a new 550,000 sq. ft. corrugator plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Construction on the site is set to begin on September 1 and the start-up of the operation is scheduled for October 2021. The new “super-plant” will be replacing GBP’s current 180,000 sq. ft. […]