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A new coated board machine started-up successfully at JK Paper in India

JK Paper Limited started up its new coated board machine smoothly and successfully. The machine was supplied by Valmet. It took only 2.5 hours to get paper from stock on the wire to the reel. The 4,250-mm-wide (wire) machine produces folding boxboard, solid bleached board and cup board. The successful startup will increase the company’s […]

Predictions for the Global Pulp and Paper Industry in 2022

Similar to 2020, the Pulp and Paper industry underwent some significant changes in 2021—some expected, some unexpected. However, despite the uncertainty every year brings, our predictions from last year were pretty spot on. Some of those predictions included accelerated capital flow into packaging and allied segments, the rise of pulp prices off the bottom following a year of lows, and the opportunities environmental regulations have […]

ProJet successfully starts up Tail Cutter & Deckle Cutter at Strathcona Paper

ProJet, Meerssen, Netherlands have successfully started up 1 Tail & Deckle Cutter at Starthcon Paper in Canada. Despite of all COVID regulations and travel restrictions, ProJet fully supported the customer and a joint successful commissioning of the systems was achieved. Strathcona is producing board on a 126 in. wide machine with very frequent deckle changes. […]

Pandemic did not result on major decline of paper production in Kazakhstan

The production of toilet paper in Kazakhstan, one of the most economically developed states in Central Asia, fell by 5% this year year-on-year basis, according to some local media reports.   On average, about 19 million rolls of toilet paper are sold in the country per month. In the first half of 2021, the country […]

Voith shows robust development in an unprecedented year 2020 and continues growth initiatives

In the 2020 financial year, the Voith Group performed reasonably well given the significant adverse impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic across all segments and markets in the second half of the year. In this context, the Group benefited from its broad-based positioning in terms of sectors and geography; its stable, regionally-organized supply chains; and its very […]