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Natron-Hayat awards major order for dryer fabric and press felt cleaners to ProJet

ProJet, received the first major order of 2022 from Natron-Hayat; received and signed on the first business day of the New Year 2022. ProJet will deliver an undisclosed number of Dryer Fabric Cleaners and Press Felt Cleaners to Natron-Hayat in Maglaj, Bosnia-Hercegovina. The value of the order will not be disclosed. Hayat’s PM4 produces Liner […]

BioPappel, Mexico continues to order Dryer Fabric Cleaners from ProJet

ProJet received an order for 2 Power Cleaners (dryer fabric cleaners) from BioPappel. Mexico for their Veracruz mill, for their Paper Machine # 1. The order was received in July 2021 and the value of the order will not be disclosed. Delivery will be in Q4 of 2021. The order is already the 5th from […]