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Engraving Solutions innovates the embossing market with two brand new

Engraving Solutions, a service provider for the development of engraving patterns and the production of embossing rolls, part of the Körber Business Area Tissue, sets a new standard in the field of embossing technology with Warm-Up Ready and FLER, two exclusive solutions based on an electromagnetic induction heating system and an innovative texture concept, respectively. […]

Engraving Solutions presents LIME and SEWN, two new embossing solutions for premium and entry level products

Engraving Solutions, a Körber Group company specializing in the design and engraving of embossing rolls for tissue products, presents two new solutions for premium and entry level products: LIME and SEWN. LIME (Less Impact More Efficency) is a new embossing system that allows you to have a product with characteristics that so far have been impossible […]

Engraving Solutions expand existing product portfolio with digital services and customized solutions

Engraving Solutions

Engraving Solutions, the leader in the production of embossing rollers for the tissue industry and part of the Business Area Tissue of the Körber AG Group, has presented the latest products in the embossing field: innovative and highly competitive products that meet the actual needs of the market. Premiumization and Digitization trends play an increasing […]