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Engraving Solutions innovates the embossing market with two brand new

Engraving Solutions, a service provider for the development of engraving patterns and the production of embossing rolls, part of the Körber Business Area Tissue, sets a new standard in the field of embossing technology with Warm-Up Ready and FLER, two exclusive solutions based on an electromagnetic induction heating system and an innovative texture concept, respectively. […]

Engraving Solutions presents LIME and SEWN, two new embossing solutions for premium and entry level products

Engraving Solutions, a Körber Group company specializing in the design and engraving of embossing rolls for tissue products, presents two new solutions for premium and entry level products: LIME and SEWN. LIME (Less Impact More Efficency) is a new embossing system that allows you to have a product with characteristics that so far have been impossible […]