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PulPac exopands global IP for Dry Molded Fiber

PulPac recently announced further patent grants for its pioneering cellulose forming technology that makes it possible to replace single-use plastics with competitive fiber-based alternatives. The company’s most general patent, that already has been granted in big parts of the world, is now also granted in Colombia. Furthermore, a new patent comprising hole punching of Dry […]

PulPac shows reinforced barrier properties in in-line recycled material

To maximize efficiency, PulPac’s Dry Molded Fiber uses an ‘in-line recycling’ system that may return any residual material with additives back into the process to be combined with additional input material. During production tests to optimize barrier additives, it was shown that not only does the in-line recycling ensure more than 99% usage of fiber […]

PulPac partners with RZ Group

PulPac reveals a partnership with RZ Mekpart and the RZ Group of specialized engineering contract manufacturers, further extending capabilities, expertise, and capacity of the Dry Molded Fiber network. The objective of the partnership between RZ and PulPac is to combine significant industrial experience, secure machining, and manufacturing capabilities as well as spread know-how on tooling […]

AR Packaging to spearhead development of dry molded fiber technology

The objective for the consortium of AR Packaging, PulPac and the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) is to develop and commercially validate ten standardized product concepts within different packaging and single-use applications during next three years. The purpose is to enable rapid upscaling and dissemination of the Dry Molded Fiber technology with ready to use […]

PulPac and Dan-Web partners in airlaid technologies

PulPac and Dan-Web partners in airlaid technologies developing standardized machinery for Dry Molded Fiber to replace single-use plastics with affordable fiber-based alternatives. The partnership will combine Dan-Web’s extensive know-how, engineering capabilities and technologies in airlaid with the Dry Molded Fiber process. The Dry Molded Fiber standardized defibration unit, called “Mill-to-Web”, will be optimized for packaging […]

PulPac granted support from BioInnovation

PulPac is granted support for barrier development and hypothesis testing within the Swedish strategic innovation program BioInnovation. The goal of the project is to develop radically new materials and evaluate application methods that enable the integration of more environmentally friendly hydro- or oleophobic barriers in dry molded processes (Dry Molded Fiber). “The development of Dry […]