The Navigator Company increases UWP prices in Europe by 8-15 per cent

The Navigator Company announced today that it will increase again its Uncoated Woodfree Paper prices in Europe by 8-15%, following already implemented price increases during January and early February in USA, between 6 and 9%, and in overseas namely in Middle East, North Africa and Latin America, between 7 and 10%. New European prices will be effective for all dispatches from 1st of March onwards.

Reflecting the volatility of the current market conditions, Navigator will revise the situation continuously and price lists will have a maximum validity of two months. In addition, Navigator informed that it will not be able to keep the usual four-week pre-notice for price list changes.

This decision was taken due to unprecedent times that the market is experiencing with a continuous cost increase in all relevant manufacturing inputs, as well as logistics, several abnormal disruptions that keep limiting supply and unparallel order book in the industry.

Navigator believes that this exceptional measure is imperative to support the long-term sustainability of its business model and of the overall supply chain.

The Company will continue working to reinforce its partnerships with its Clients, strengthening its value proposition across several dimensions, appreciating the support provided by its large and very loyal customer base.

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