Toscotec’s turnkey tissue line starts up at Vajda-Papír in Hungary.

Vajda-Papír started up a double-width AHEAD 2.2L tissue machine supplied by Toscotec (PM2) at its
Dunaföldvár facility in Hungary. The supply was full-on turnkey, including the entire tissue
production line and all erection operations at the mill.

A complete turnkey supply
The turnkey scope included the entire stock preparation system and Toscotec’s patented TT SAF®
(Short Approach Flow) fitted with a double dilution system to maximize energy savings. It comprised
the electrification and controls, dust and mist removal systems, boiler plant, bridge cranes, air
compressor station, roll handling and wrapping systems, and hall ventilation with conditioning
For the mill’s PM1, Toscotec also supplied an OPTIMA 2600 slitter rewinder equipped with automatic
shaft puller and dust removal system that came online in February 2022.
Toscotec’s turnkey scope included a complete service package with detailed mill engineering,
erection, training, commissioning, and start-up assistance. The installation of this double-width
tissue line required a substantial erection team of more than 190 technicians over a period of
200 days.
A tissue machine designed for superior energy efficiency
The AHEAD 2.2L machine features a net sheet width of 5,600 mm, a maximum operating speed of 2,200
m/min, and a production capacity of over 80,000 tons/year. It is equipped with Toscotec’s
state-of-the-art technology, including a fully hydraulic TT Headbox-MLT, a shoe press of the
upgraded design TT NextPress, a third-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, and TT Hood system
designed for maximum energy recovery.

Attila Vajda, Managing Director of Vajda-Papír, says, “This new Toscotec line constitutes our
flagship investment at Dunaföldvár site. We have a vision for Vajda-Papír’s expansion to be in
harmony with the environment, and that is why we chose the most energy efficient technology
available on the market. Throughout the entire project, the whole Toscotec team demonstrated their
extensive expertise and great passion for tissuemaking. The successful start-up of PM2 represents
a key achievement and an important step forward for Vajda-Papír’s sustainable growth.”

Gabriele Barattini, Toscotec Project Manager, says: “Successfully completing a turnkey project of
this magnitude is a great satisfaction indeed. The cooperation with Vajda-Papír’s team has been
excellent all along and has allowed us to manage every phase in the best possible way. Toscotec’s
flexibility is crucial for the success of any project, even more so for turnkey projects.”

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