Ufastroysnab to start lumber exports to Turkey and Iran

Ufastroysnab was founded in 2010 as a producer of green and dried lumber, including wall lining and moldings. In Udmurtia, the company has logging operations, it has its own allowable cutting area of 5 thousand hectares in this region. In Bashkiria, Ufastroysnab buys timber from local loggers.


The total capacity of the two sawmills of the company is about 500 m3 of sawmills equipped with high-tech Wood-Mizer equipment, as well as four-sided machines. In addition, the plant in Udmurtia has three single-load drying chambers with a capacity of 20 m3 each. The company produces both raw and dry tongue-and-groove lumber. The sawmill in Udmurtia has installed lines for the production of wood pellets and Pini-kay briquettes with a capacity of 50 tons per month.


Ufastroysnab is also a wholesale trader. Company distributes the products of sawmills from Bashkiria, Udmurtia, the Perm Territory and the Penza Region. The product portfolio includes green and dried lumber, deck and terrace boards, plank and etc. There are about 500 products in total. All lumber is accumulated in two warehouses of the company with a total area of 4 hectares, the total area of ​​covered warehouses is 4 thousand m2.


The company operates as a kind of hub for various lumber producers. Company sells about 4000 m3 of lumber per month. About 3000 m3 of hardwood lumber company sells in the domestic market. Ufastroysnab plans to export about 1000 m3 of softwood lumber per month. The main export markets are Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkey.


Delivery times depend on the specific product and range from two weeks to a month if this is a custom-made production.

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